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Custom Builds

    This is what we're all about. Taking the time and effort to help you come up with the perfect bike. With your vision and our wide ranging stock availability and experience, together we can make something wonderful.

    We need time to talk through the process, to get it all just right. First and foremost is the frame - the heart and soul of the bike. You'll probably have some idea of just what you'd like, but we'll help you decide what will be right for you. If we need to get something custom made, then we can - some of our suppliers specialise in just that, custom frames for the individual. We'll take you through the fitting process and be with you each step of the way until the complete frame arrives with us. If it's a stock frame, then the process is less involved, but still fun.

    Next come the components - forks and wheels are the most important parts and we have all brands available. We handbuild our own bespoke wheels too, for total choice in terms of rims, hubs, spokes and nipples. The rest of the bike is all about personal preference - we have access to all products, so we can build you exactly what you want. If you're unsure, we'll help you decide which way to go - we've built hundreds of custom bikes over the years, so we know what works, what doesn't and how to make seemingly incompatible products live in harmony.

    Once a complete specification has been agreed, we'll start building. The wheels will be spoked, built, pre-tensioned and stress relieved. The frame will be prepared, threads chased, tubes reamed and faced. The parts will all be checked. The threads lubed or locked, every bolt torqued to perfection and the whole bike painstakingly assembled. Once all the parts are in place, the brakes bled and gears tuned, we take it for a gentle test ride, just to make sure all is well. Any minor adjustments needed are made and the whole bike is checked over once more. Then we fit the bike to you - seat height, seat angle, suspension set up with the correct sag and damping adjustments. When you're happy and we're happy - it's off you go.

    The service doesn't end there though - we offer lifetime free maintenance on all our custom built bikes. As long as the entire bike was provided by us, we'll work on it free of charge forever. All you'll ever have to pay for are any new parts needed.

How is that for custom built?

Custom Builds