Sideways Cycles


Paul Turner – you might not know the name, but you’ve certainly heard of RockShox – well it was Paul who made bicycle suspension what it is today. Way back in the late eighties, it was Paul’s idea to develop a bicycle suspension platform that actually used proven technologies from other genres. RockShox was born and the RS1 with its skinny chrome stanchions and pink decals, took the mountain bike world by storm.

Spin forward a few years and the behemoth that the company had become finally became too much for Paul to cope with, so he stepped aside and formed a new company – Maverick.

The idea was to unite a group of people who shared the same passion and develop new products, technologies and ideas and either bring them to market or license them to others. The first product was a frame design that Paul had been chewing over for a few years, the Monolink suspension. A design that used a unique 15 degree upward, rearward path for the rear wheel travel, meant that the wheel moved up and away from the bumps it hit, as opposed to trying to arc forward over the bump. This gave an incredible ride and when properly executed, both eliminated rider induced suspension feedback (bob) and gave unrivaled tracking and stiffness. A frame that had hartail stiffness and the best in suspension action, along with low weight and sturdy construction. We knew that it would be a winner, so when Maverick contacted us to see if we were interested, we jumped at the chance.

After that came the DUC32 dual crown fork – silly light, fantastic tracking and so simple it’s amazing no-one came up with it before. It is the fork that you get when a very talented suspension designer is allowed to build whatever he wants, with ultimate performance the goal, rather than a particular price point. Maverick continue to move from strength to strength with the advent of the new SC32 single crown fork and several other projects up their collective sleeves. Stay tuned for more…