Sideways Cycles

Surly Bud in stock

We have loads of Bud and Lou tyres in stock right now. Plus all the Surly rims and Nates, both skin and black wall.

Let us build a custom fat bike for your from Salsa, Surly, 9:ZERO:7, Borealis, or Genesis - all in stock right now.

Spot Brand Rallye

There are some bikes that just work - this is one of them...

9:ZERO:7 Whiteout Carbon frame

The fabulous 9:ZERO:7 carbon Whiteout is finally on the way. Orange or green with matching fork. They're 1799 frame and fork and we have tons of hub, rim, crank and tyre options to get you rolling.

Turnagain Rims

These are on in stock now. Lovely, eyelets, anodised finish, 80mm wide.

150 each.


We'll be closed from midday 23rd December until January the 2nd 2014.
If you're desperate to buy something, drop us a mail though and we'll do our best.

Happy Christmas!

Salsa Carbon Beargrease

You want one don't you? Can't get one can you? Well you can now, we have a medium frame/fork/hubset available right now - only one though, so be quick!

Carver frames, forks and parts...

We offer everything that Carver do - if you want to know the full skinny give us a call or drop a mail.
I'll get round to putting it on the website one day, yadda yadda...

They're here...

Early closing...

We'll be closing at midday Saturday 19th October.

Open as usual on Monday 21st though.

Borealis Yampa coming to the UK

That's right, we have the Borealis Yampa frames and forks and hubs and whatnot on the way. Get on the phone and bag yourself one of these beauties!